The Gungywamp 

The Gungywamp or in other words “When a Sheep Farm Becomes a Gate to Another Reality BS”

Reminder: The purpose of this thread is to take a current or recycled pseudo based ideologies and give the real facts on that pseudo belief with links and information. These threads are the only place where pseudo will be allowed to be dissected for the facts or discussed.

According to wiki: Gungywamp is an archaeological site in Groton, Connecticut. The site dated between 2000 to 700 BCE consists of a stone circle and the remains of Native American structures as well as colonial pieces.

Now to be clear, the site is huge, 100 acres. It is not a small area and items found at 2000 BC are a few hundred yards away from newer items.  There is no nice clear sharp distinction between layers of occupation, you have one group onto another group thus mixing things up.

Also to be clear it is evident there were working farms in the area up until about mid 1800’s… since then the trees have reclaimed the area. All of the “mysterious” structures can be shown to be simple farm remnants, like root cellars and ice houses.  So what about that stone circle… it is a bark mill.

Finally as for the Celtic doorway to another realm idea, well that is just pure bull… basically an attempt to show that white race was here before the Native Americans…

So what is Gungywamp? Besides a cool name it was a colonial sheep farm built on a site that also includes earlier Native American artifacts.  Listen to this great podcast by Archy-Fantasies and be in the know and not get taken by those smooth snake oil pseudo salesmen.

Sources: The good, the bad, and the real pseudo ……

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Gungywamp, Groton

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