Ica Stones

Revealing Pseudo Archaeology: Posting One
The not so mysterious hoax referred to as the Ica Stones

You may have heard of the Ica Stones. Those rocks that have carvings of dinosaurs, used recently to prove that man and dinosaurs existed side by side. So let us look closely at these stones.

First off we need to answer the question: What are the Ica stones?

Simple, they are a hoax perpetrated to make money. That is the whole reason these stones were created. Not to prove creationism but to make that ever endearing coin of the realm, mula, green backs, bucks.

Now quiet down I hear the rumbling in pseudo land that these are real and prove creationism, and that all those who follow mainstream academia are blinded, narrow-minded, ignorant, or hiding the truth.

Well despite all those wishful thoughts pseudo land expels forward, facts are just that facts and no matter how much one tries to displace those facts as ignorance, they cannot be changed.

So using the ideology of science and facts, we are going to briefly dissect the Ica Stones into what they really are …

What is the material?

The chemical makeup of the stone is andesite, rating 7 on Mohs scale. However due to weathering, a fine patina has developed resulting from the feldspar having broken down into a clay resulting in a fairly soft stone only 3 to 4 on Mohs scale. Thus the stones are easy to scratch into this patina layer revealing the hard stone underneath.

So what are the carvings of?

Besides the dinosaurs that are famous, stones also have flowers, animals (living), and fish. The ones that get all the attention are of course the dinosaurs, advanced medical procedures, and maps. Some even have telescopes with people looking to the stars.

What size are these stones?

They vary in size from fist size to boulder: 3×2.5×1.5 cm to 40 cm

Is there a place to see these rocks, well of course there is:
The Ica Stones Museum (The Cabrera Museum, Ica Stones, Bolivar 170-Plaza de Armas, Ica, Peru) is privately owned and now operated by the daughter of Javier Cabrera Darquea. The museum has around 11,000 of the 15,000 to 20,000 plus stones that are said to exist.

Okay can we have a short brief history of these stones? Your wish is my command:

In 1966 a doctor, Javier Cabrera Darquea, was presented a stone with the engraving of a “prehistoric” fish. He found the stone interesting and bought some 300 from two brothers Carlos and Pablo Soldi. The brothers had already tried to sell the stones to archaeologists who were not interested.

Soon Darquea began to collect engraved stones from a farmer. As the time went one, he would declare there was a cave with over 100,000 of such stones, though the cave location was never revealed. From the farmer he amassed almost 11,000 plus stones.
The farmer, Basilio Uschuya, after being arrested for the sales, admitted they were fakes he created with his wife. They used old coloring books and magazines for the designs.

Now it must also be noted that Uschuya reported to a German journalist sometime right after 1975, that he just said they were fakes to get around selling relics. Yet in 1977 he displayed in the BBC documentary Pathway to the Gods the dentist drilling tool he used to create the fakes. Again facing arrest he recanted and fully admitted they were fakes. This time he revealed he buried the stones in cow dung to achieve the aged appearance. After his release he continued to sell stones to tourist’s knowing they were faked.

However there was more than one person making these faked stones to sell. Irma Gutierrez de Aparcana was a name also included in the scam. How many more were involved or did some of their own is unknown, but many are believed to have been very busy making the fake stones.

And why did he sell and make relics?

As Uschuya stated he made more money making fakes than farming, and there we have the full circle back to the money.

So that is the short and cheap version of the Ica Stones. Below the Ica Stone pictures is a list of articles/posts that go into more details on why they are fake if you need more proof.



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Jurassic Library                                                                 http://philipcoppens.com/jurassiclibrary.html


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