Mermaids ….. fakes and more fakes

Mermaids are fun for stories but are not nice when used to hoax people into believing they are real. So today we start with this picture circulating the net as being real… as always know then you will not fall for their games….

Let us start with the first picture that crossed my desk.  This in black and white, though you will see the picture with a sepia or brown tinge as well to make it look more antique.  This altering of the original photo is of course deliberate to give the appearance of a real hidden secret photograph that has just been found.         


Note the rock she is “sitting” upon… does it remind you of anything…..






Now for the truth…..

The skeleton was an April Fools Joke in 2010. The rock  is the famous base for the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen.  (1)

Apparently the Little Mermaid was removed for display in Singapore for a short period of time. The Natural History Museum of Denmark on April 1st placed a mermaid figure of human bones and a swordfish skeleton. (1)


 And Now You Know 



Mermaid fake #2

The  photo with the gentleman is the hoaxed picture circulating with a story about a “Professor Dimitrov” who found this in Bulgaria

These copied and pasted stories once in a while change  from location to names of the “Professor” but all have this same picture… all an illusion to make the “news” fits whatever cause the hoaxer is wanting to convey








Now what the “professor” found was actually a picture that had been entered in a Worth 1000 contest entry and took 6th place entry in “Archaeological Anomalies 13″ field (2)








Mermaid fake #3

This  hoaxed picture with accompanying text  is being sent around  about being secret, lost, forbidden …. yadda yaddda yadda… looks official with a scale and all

The picture is actually from a contest hosted by Worth 1000 and took 3rd place in Archaeological Anomalies 3 division.  (3)  The hoaxer simply erased the Worth 1000 logo in the corner as demonstrated in the picture below.


…… now you know

…. stolen contest entries and faked April Fool jokes…

do not fall for them


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