Orion Correlation

“Do the Pyramids Line Up with the Constellation of Orion?” by Chris White (Ancient Aliens Debunked Blog)(Oct 11, 2012)


“The Orion Mystery” by Larry Orcutt (catchpenny)  (2000)


“Review of Ancient Aliens S05E04: Destination Orion” by Jason Colavito (Jason Colavito website) (01/12/2013)


“Review of Ancient Aliens S05E01: Secrets of the Pyramids” by Jason Colavito (Jason Colavito website) (12/22/2012)


“A Critical Look at The Orion Mystery” by Chris Loethen ?date


“Top 10 Myths: Orion Mystery” by  Lucas Livingston (Ancient Art Podcast 36)  (January 25, 2011)


“Precession and the layout of the Ancient Egyptian pyramids” by Anthony Fairall (Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society) (June 1999)  http://www.antiquityofman.com/Fairall_Orion_precession.html

“Pyramid Marketing Schemes” by Ed Krupp  (Sky and Telescope) (February 1997)  http://www.antiquityofman.com/Krupp_pyramid_marketing_schemes.html

“Astronomical Integrity at Giza” by Ed KruppThe Antiquity of Man. (2002)   man.com/Krupp_refutes_Bauval_and_Roy.html

“The Orion Correlation and Air-Shaft Theories.” by John A.R. Legon (Discussions in Egyptology 33) pages 45-56 (1995)


“Planetary Alignment Scheme” by Phil Plait  (Discover Magazine blog)  (August 20, 2012)



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